What’s a Bimodal Supply Chain? Stay Competitive in the Supply Chain Industry

E-Commerce and Mobile Commerce continue to change the way supply chains work. Keeping supply chains speedy and cost-effective is a must in today’s market.

This is where a bimodal supply chain can come in handy.

What is a Bimodal Supply Chain?

Bimodal is having two modes, so bimodal supply chains involve having two (or more) ways to run a supply chain.
It is a method that encourages businesses to alter their methods to fit their current needs.


A company would have mode 1 and mode 2 if they had a bimodal supply chain.

Mode 1 is the supply chain method for its known needs.

Mode 2 is the supply chain method for unknown needs like

  • Experimenting
  • Unexpected inventory fluctuations
  • Testing new markets
  • Weather
  • New delivery expectations

Mode 2 is experimental. It requires team collaboration to determine if the experiments benefit the supply chain. This is a great tool to keep up with consumer’s expectations and demands.

How Can Bimodal Help You?

A bimodal supply chain can provide your company with flexibility. Here’s how:

Your company can run their regular day-to-day operations while testing out new processes. Creating the ability to adapt to changes in the market to meet company goals.

Why a Bimodal Supply Chain is Important?

In today’s market, companies need to have an agile supply chain to stay competitive.

Consumer buying behavior is continuing to move more and more online. They expect fast, speed delivery times with perfect order accuracy.

If you can’t deliver, they’ll often choose another business over yours.

The solution is clear as day. Your supply chain must be designed to meet growing customer demands.

Can you deliver?

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