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MightyGood & WarehouseQuote: Explosive retail growth

Jacob Roseburrough
Jacob Roseburrough Director of Marketing


Founded in 2021, MightyGood is a retail company specializing in health and hygiene products. MightyGood produces a variety of product lines including Wipe That Tush, Wipe Those Hands, MightyMoe, and Express Health.

The challenge

MightyGood was in search of a scalable fulfillment partner to meet rising consumer demand and improve their customer experience.

When COVID hit in 2019, MightyGood saw explosive growth as the demand for health and hygiene products skyrocketed. “Visibility of order tracking & location of our former warehouse caused serious problems. Suddenly pickups were getting missed, containers were delayed, prices continued to increase, visibility declined, and at the end of the day, MightyGood suffered,” said Mindy Haas, Operations Manager at MightyGood.

The solution

A scalable and fully-managed fulfillment solution with inventory and order visibility across all sales channels.

WarehouseQuote tapped into their agile warehouse network to design a retail fulfillment solution with custom-built standard operating procedures tailored to MightyGood’s business needs.

With a single point of contact and complete inventory and order visibility, MightyGood can focus on scaling their fast-growing business.

“We have continuous visibility when products come in and out, and it is communicated with efficiency. When things don’t go as planned, we are the first to know and WarehouseQuote is already taking corrective action,” said Haas.


Today, WarehouseQuote handles the operations, storage, and distribution for all of MightyGood’s product lines. In addition to providing visibility into their orders, they now have a solution for specialized fulfillments, build to spec, labeling, and much more.

Since September 2022, MightyGood has increased shipments by roughly 30% to one of the largest retailers in the U.S. With the help of WarehouseQuote, they’ve expanded into many other big box retailers and have quickly become Kansas City’s Fastest Growing Company with revenue skyrocketing from $540,000 to $41 million in one year.

MightyGood continues to increase their order volume since partnering with WarehouseQuote, and they plan to continue growing together.

  • 30% increase in shipments to one of the largest U.S. retailers in six months
  • Revenue growth from $540,000 to $41 million in one year
  • Continuous increase in order volume month over month

Voice of the customer

“The biggest benefit of working with WarehouseQuote is peace of mind. The supply chain itself is notoriously unreliable, WarehouseQuote is not.”

– Mindy Haas, Operations Manager at MightyGood Solutions

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WarehouseQuote is a managed warehousing solution helping middle market and enterprise businesses scale their warehouse operations with precision. Through our 3PL warehousing and fulfillment network of 250+ facilities, integrated technology platform, and in-house supply chain expertise, we enable businesses to design efficient fulfillment networks connected by a single technology platform. Hundreds of B2B and B2C businesses like Chatime, Joyride, Benitago Group, Big Ass Fans, and Mighty Good Solutions use WarehouseQuote to scale, streamline, and optimize their warehouse operations.

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