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World’s Finest Chocolate & WarehouseQuote: Supporting nationwide business growth with strategic B2B distribution

Jacob Roseburrough
Jacob Roseburrough Director of Marketing

Company overview

Founded in 1939, World’s Finest Chocolate has crafted premium chocolate directly from the cocoa bean with the finest raw ingredients and unique family recipe. World’s Finest Chocolate is one of the largest fundraising organizations in the United States and has helped customers raise over $4 billion dollars.

Prior to WarehouseQuote

Over many decades, World’s Finest Chocolate has partnered with 3PL operators across the United States to support their B2B distribution. In 2022, World’s Finest Chocolate’s leadership team recognized that there was an opportunity to drive efficiencies within their distribution network as they continue to scale into new U.S. markets.

The solution: A strategic, temperature-controlled warehousing and fulfillment network, backed by logistics experts and technology 

World’s Finest Chocolate partnered with WarehouseQuote to re-configure their warehousing and fulfillment network with multiple facilities strategically located near major points of distribution. Operationally, the new model supported their multi-tiered distribution strategy, focusing on temp-controlled facilities that support high-volume LTL outbounds and will-call pickups upon demand.

With a vetted warehouse network coupled with an integrated technology platform and in-house supply chain expertise, World’s Finest Chocolate can continue to scale into new markets and live into their mission of delivering extraordinary value to customers. 


  • 3 Markets supported
  • 1 Net-new market expansion
  • 1 Partner and technology platform

Voice of the customer

“At first, we were skeptical of the managed warehousing and fulfillment model. However, those doubts were quickly laid to rest with WarehouseQuote. The WarehouseQuote Managed Services team has taken the time to fully understand our business needs and have developed standardized operating procedures with on-site training to streamline operations across our facility locations. The people and culture at WarehouseQuote are also second to none. We truly see them as an extension of our operations team. As World’s Finest Chocolate expands into new markets, we are confident that we can continue to live into our mission of delivering extraordinary value to our customers with WarehouseQuote.”  – Director of Logistics, World’s Finest Chocolate


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About WarehouseQuote

WarehouseQuote is a managed warehousing solution helping middle market and enterprise businesses scale their warehouse operations with precision. Through our 3PL warehousing and fulfillment network of 250+ facilities, integrated technology platform, and in-house supply chain expertise, we enable businesses to design efficient fulfillment networks connected by a single technology platform. Hundreds of B2B and B2C businesses like Chatime, Joyride, Benitago Group, Big Ass Fans, and Mighty Good Solutions use WarehouseQuote to scale, streamline, and optimize their warehouse operations.

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