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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you own and operate your own facilities?

WarehouseQuote clients hire us to manage their 3PL warehouse network. We don’t own or operate any facilities. Our hybrid warehouse network of first and vetted third-party partners helps brands deliver on customer expectations and drive business results.

How do you vet partner facilities?

Every partner facility undergoes a thorough onboarding process for quality assurance and operational excellence. Reach out to us directly for more information on our third-party facility vetting process.

What industries does WarehouseQuote serve?

WarehouseQuote typically works with business and brands in the food and beverage, retail, consumer goods, industrial, and manufacturing industries.

Can shippers access inventory at the warehouse?

Shippers are not typically permitted to access inventory at the warehouse for liability and security purposes. However, inventory audits and tours are allowed and can be scheduled with your Strategic Quality Manager in advance. 

What systems integrate with WarehouseQuote’s technology platform?

WarehouseQuote’s technology platform integrates with your ERP, eCommerce platforms, retail partners, and more. Manual data sharing is also available through CSV files.

Why should I work with WarehouseQuote compared to a traditional warehousing provider?

Alternatively, to traditional warehousing solutions, WarehouseQuote simplifies and streamlines the management of 3PL warehouse networks to single partner and platform.

How do you handle liability for the goods within WarehouseQuote’s warehouse network? 

WarehouseQuote’s clients maintain all-risk cargo insurance on their cargo stored within our network of warehouse providers.

How is inventory tracked in WarehouseQuote’s network?

Floor-loaded pallets are tracked based on SKU and quantity received. Pallets are tracked by license plate number (LPN) upon entering the facility. WarehouseQuote also supports serial and LOT tracking, if desired.

How does WarehouseQuote handle inventory discrepancies and damage claims?

Every client has a team of logistics experts to ensure quality and operational excellence. Please reach out to our Strategic Quality Manager for discrepancies or damage claims.

What are the minimum volume requirements to partner with WarehouseQuote? 

Volume requirements vary based on the warehousing program and cargo location. WarehouseQuote will work with your business to design the ideal program design for your business based on project volumes and requirements.

How does WarehouseQuote address billing questions?

Your Strategic Quality Manager will help answer and resolve billing questions.

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