What is a bimodal supply chain?

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What is a bimodal supply chain?

A bimodal supply chain involves having two modes, or two (or more) ways to run a supply chain. It's a method that encourages businesses to alter their methods and continuously experiment to improve their supply chains.


A company would have mode 1 and mode 2 if they had a bimodal supply chain.

Mode 1 is the supply chain method for its known needs.

Mode 2 is the supply chain method for unknown needs like

  • Experimenting
  • Unexpected inventory fluctuations
  • Testing new markets
  • Weather
  • New delivery expectations

Mode 2 is experimental. It requires team collaboration to determine if the experiments benefit the supply chain. This is a great tool to keep up with consumer’s expectations and demands.

How can bimodal help your business?

A bimodal supply chain can provide your company with flexibility. Your company can run their regular day-to-day operations while testing out new processes. Creating the ability to adapt to changes in the market to meet company goals.

Why a bimodal supply chain is important?

In today's market, companies need to have a flexible distribution model to stay competitive. As consumers continue to move online, the need for fast delivery and exceptional order accuracy will only continue to increase.